Why Yoga in the workplace?
Corporate Yoga is being embraced by more & more progressive businesses around the globe. Before you hire costly business consultants, try a yoga program to help with any ailments your company might be suffering from. Or just do it because your staff will love you for it!

Increase productivity - Happy & healthy staff with fewer physical or emotional stresses are more likely to be highly motivated & driven to achieve, & with reduced stress levels comes the ability to focus & maintain a clear & productive mindset.

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Lower the number of sick days taken - Yoga is a proven immune system booster & in general physically healthy people are less likely to be easily 'run down' by common colds & flu.

Reduce in-office conflict - Yogis are well known for being peaceful & conflict free, but it is not only the promotion of such philosophies provided by a consistent yoga practice that can help improve office harmony. Yoga on the whole counterbalances the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, reducing such anger-related tendencies as the production of adrenaline, put simply yoga chills you out.

It can be tricky to get motivated to work-out before or after work, classes brought to you - the perfect solution!

Please pick your Yoga style

Ashtanga (The original Power Yoga)

Ashtanga is a dynamic style of Yoga for an all-round workout.


Improve flexibility, strength & relaxation with a stress busting Yoga class.

Heart Yoga

Deep breathing & relaxation combine with gentle Yoga sequences in this health-promoting class.

Yoga for Athletes

A dynamic class to enable you to become a stronger, injury-resistant runner.

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  • "Yoga has helped my recovery from football injuries and improved my football too."
  • My team love attending lunch time yoga, they get their exercise for the day done and are more energised in the afternoon ( better than a caffeine fix) Yoga really helps my staff's morale significantly, reducing head, neck and back pain. The wellbeing of my staff is really important to me, that's why Julie's yoga class is ideal. Thanks a million."
    Ollie | Owner, Topcashback.co.uk
  • Yoga is fantastic - in 6 months I have been able to achieve what I thought was impossible when I first started. Julie is a lovely lady who patiently guides you through all the practice - it really does give you a feeling of peace & wellbeing.
  • Julie is a kind, caring & attentive yoga teacher. She creates a calm & tranquil environment in which to feel relaxed & safe. The yoga class I attend combines stretching & strengthening exercises with relaxation & meditation. Although a class, each person can work at their own pace & comfort & each receives personal help & support from Julie. I always feel better & sleep better afterwards.
    Steve Simmonds
  • Julie is an inspiring teacher whose knowledge of physiology gives students confidence to explore yoga postures. Julie is lovely to work with, encouraging & supportive, so everyone can work within their own limits.
    Tracy Vaughn

Tranquil Heart Yoga | Staffordshire

1 to 1 Yoga classes available at Cherry Hill Osteopath Clinic | 01889 560139.

Workplace Yoga available throughout Staffordshire.

Email: yogijulie112@gmail.com

Phone: 07972598453

Yoga Classes easily accessible from:
Stoke, Stafford, Derby, Burton on Trent, Ashbourne, Cheadle, Stone, Etwall, Blyth Bridge, Abbots Bromley Tutbury, Denstone, Alton, Marchington, Draycott in the Clay, Church leigh & Tean